Rezepte mit Käse, der Käse-Wrap

«Der scharfe Maxx» Cheese wrap

How to twist everyone round your little finger: «Der scharfe Maxx» with fresh veg in a tortilla wrap. Delicious cheese wraps to serve to your guests.

  • Main course


serves 4 Personen
120 g «Der scharfe Maxx»
1 piece(s) avocado
2 medium-sized radishes
4 tbsp cream cheese
2 tbsp crème fraîche
1 tbsp mild, coarse-grained mustard
paprika, freshly ground salt and pepper
4 tortillas
cress for garnishing


  1. Slice “Der scharfe Maxx”, avocado, and radish into equal-sized cubes.

    Next, mix in cream cheese, creme fraiche, and mustard, and season with paprika and pepper.

    Spread the tortillas with the creamy mustard mix and sprinkle over cheese, avocado, radish, and cress.

    Roll up the tortillas and serve.

    You’re on a roll!

Want to change it up a gear?

Try swapping in wasabi or hummus instead of mustard!

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Werbegrafik für den Käse «Der scharfe Maxx»
Käselaib Der scharfe Maxx
«Der scharfe Maxx»

In 2003, Studer cheesemakers gave the world a new cheese that didn’t hold with noble restraint. «Der scharfe Maxx» proved to be confident, assertive, and even somewhat cheeky – and, thanks to its refreshing personality, was quickly surrounded by friends. Produced with love, passion, and Swiss raw milk, «Der scharfe Maxx» is a natural, aromatic, and utterly delicious cheese for connoisseurs. Its melt-in-the-mouth texture and extra-tangy taste make this cheese an absolute culinary joy.

Food-Fotografie mit Käseplatte
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