Taking responsibility for people and the environment

We live and breathe sustainability

We act responsibly so that future generations will also be able to draw strength from the natural environment here at Lake Constance. We respect Nature and her valuable resources and we take the big issues of tomorrow very seriously. Sustainability is more than just protecting the environment: For us, it’s the basis for our whole company culture.


Energy recovery during the production process

With a smarter energy recovery system we can contribute to wasting as little energy as possible. When making cheese we must both heat and cool the product. During the refrigeration part of the production process heat is produced as a byproduct. We then use this in compressed form to heat water. We also use the energy recovery system to cool. This saves a lot of energy and helps us to protect the environment.


Heat generation using wood chips

We create our heat energy with wood chips. These are a fantastic source of energy from a climate perspective. The wood chips are formed from waste wood and supplied by a recycling company in the region. Wood is a renewable raw material and a valuable source of energy. The heat supply generated by the wood chips supplies heat to the dairy and the adjacent properties.


Electricity production using a photovoltaics system

Our photovoltaics system generates 250,000 Kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity annually. Electricity sourced from the power of the sun is clean and especially ecofriendly. Especially during summer, our maturation cellars require lots of energy for refrigeration purposes. Our photovoltaics system delivers electricity that is both environmentally friendly and, at the same time, economically expedient. We want to continue along this path of clean electricity generation, taking a targeted approach.


We are committed to protecting the environment

We believe in and are deeply committed to sustainable climate action, and we are regularly inspected by the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector. We recently qualified once again for the certificate for reducing CO2 emissions and optimizing energy efficiency. We have also set ourselves ambitious sustainability targets for the future!


We produce all our cheeses here at our premises in Hefenhofen. Our firm roots in – and connection with – the region and people here shape everything we do. Collaborating with partners from the areas around us strengthens the region. Sustainability will only work long-term if there is also a focus on business. The best part is that short supply lines are good for our cheeses. The fresher the milk, the better the cheese tastes.

Who delivers the fresh milk to us?

The fresh milk for our cheese masterpieces is collected from regional dairy farmers every day. This emphasis on freshness is worth it: You can taste it in our products. We maintain close links with our milk producers and rely on long-standing partnerships.

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