Burger Black Sheep mit Käse Der scharfe Maxx

Burger Black Sheep

Christian Kuchler knows how to perfectly combine flavors in this foray into US cuisine. Fine Angus beef is a match made in heaven with a delicious BBQ sauce, mustard mayo with wasabi, and divine red wine onions. And «Der scharfe Maxx» ensures just the right level of full-bodied flavor. This burger is absolutely spot on for making a big impression at any party!

  • Main course


4 piece(s) burger buns
100 g «Der scharfe Maxx», cut into 4 thin slices
600 g burger patty made from Angus beef (50% haunch, 40% shoulder, 10% brisket)
4 tbsp BBQ sauce
4 tbsp mustard mayonnaise
4 tbsp red wine onions
200 g butter
500 ml white wine
200 ml water
4 piece(s) lettuce hearts
4 slice(s) crispy fried bacon
BBQ sauce
1 piece(s) tomato, peeled, and deseeded
1 piece(s) red chili, hulled, and deseeded
1 piece(s) peperoncini, cored
1 piece(s) onion, peeled, and cut into small cubes
1 piece(s) garlic clove, peeled
1 branch(es) rosemary
2 tbsp tomato salsa
4 tbsp olive oil
salt, pepper, smoked salt, Tabasco, soy sauce
Mustard mayonnaise
50 g mayonnaise
25 g Thomi mustard – light blue
25 g Thomi Dijon mustard
5 g Moutard de Meaux
5 g wasabi paste
5 g horseradish (jar)
1 piece(s) lime (juice)
0.5 pinch saffron
salt, pepper, Tabasco
Red wine onions
4 piece(s) onions, finely sliced
50 g Butter
2 Flaschen red wine (not from a Tetra Pak)
1 branch(es) rosemary
1 tbsp veal jus
1 tbsp aged balsamic
salt, pepper


  1. BBQ sauce

    Fry the tomato, paprika, pepperoni, onions, and garlic together with the rosemary in olive oil.

    Season to taste with smoked salt, table salt, pepper, Tabasco, and a little soy sauce.

    Next, combine with the tomato salsa.

  2. Mustard mayo

    Combine all the ingredients in a bowl.

    Pour into a spray bottle and chill.

  3. Red wine onions

    Sweat the onions in butter and deglaze with red wine.

    Make sure the liquid covers the onions. Next, reduce the liquid until both bottles of red wine have been added and simmered down.

    Finally, add a little veal jus and some aged balsamic vinegar.

    Season with salt and pepper.

  4. To serve the burger

    Fry the approx. 150g burger patties in a griddle pan until cooked to your liking.

    Important: After frying, give the meat time to rest. Leave to rest for five to ten minutes at 70°C in the oven with the door ajar.

    While the meat is resting, place a slice of “Der scharfe Maxx” cheese onto each patty.

    Slice open the burger buns and lightly toast them on the griddle pan. Next, spread the BBQ sauce over both halves of the bun.

    Place the lettuce on the lower bun, then lay the burger patty on top.

    Spoon 1 tbsp. of the red wine onions onto the patty.

    Lay 1 slice of fried bacon on top of this.

    Drizzle over the mustard mayo and top with the other half of the bun.

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Christian Kuchler

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Werbegrafik für den Käse «Der scharfe Maxx»
Käselaib Der scharfe Maxx
«Der scharfe Maxx»

In 2003, Studer cheesemakers gave the world a new cheese that didn’t hold with noble restraint. «Der scharfe Maxx» proved to be confident, assertive, and even somewhat cheeky – and, thanks to its refreshing personality, was quickly surrounded by friends. Produced with love, passion, and Swiss raw milk, «Der scharfe Maxx» is a natural, aromatic, and utterly delicious cheese for connoisseurs. Its melt-in-the-mouth texture and extra-tangy taste make this cheese an absolute culinary joy.

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