• Der scharfe Maxx, cremiger und würziger Schweizer Käse

    This cheese is not normal

  • Der scharfe Maxx, cremiger und würziger Käse mit Schweizer Rohmilch

    This cheese is not normal


“Der scharfe Maxx” truly has a distinctive character. Bold, charming, and with a cheeky side, it has a unique, full-bodied flavor that sets it apart from other cheeses. “Der scharfe Maxx” is produced using fresh, raw milk from the area around Lake Constance. It receives special care and attention during the production process, spending five months in the Studer cheesemakers maturation cellar, where it develops its unique flavor. It’s then ready for its grand debut! “Der scharfe Maxx” is the top-quality iconic cheese that blends tradition with innovation – and turns every moment into mouthwatering bliss.

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Good friends, fine cuisine – how can you top that? Turn any social gathering into an unforgettable occasion – by putting “Der scharfe Maxx” on the table! Whether it comes as a tangy canapé to whet the appetite, a bold choice of main meal, or a dessert paired with something sweet – this cheese is a match for any situation. With its full-flavored taste, it turns even traditional recipes into completely new culinary experiences. Why not try one of our cheese recipes – they’re as diverse as “Der scharfe Maxx” itself. One thing’s for sure: It’ll be an unforgettable culinary adventure!

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Are you looking for creative ideas for enjoying cheese or imaginative combinations to pair with tangy cheese? Want to know which accompaniments will make the cheese taste especially good? Fancy creating an innovative snack with ease? Be bold, be creative, dare to experiment – our “Der scharfe Maxx” will give you a hand. We’ve put together some exciting pairings for any occasion here.

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Der scharfe Maxx ein Feuerwerk für den Gaumen


You notice its fine nuances and experience its feisty nature. Then it subtly takes its leave, melting away on your tongue. Whatever else is on the table it’s “Der scharfe Maxx” that steals the show. Spirited and rebellious, yet smooth, creamy, and melt-in-the-mouth good – no wonder this popular cheese continues to steal the hearts of cheese connoisseurs both in Switzerland and across the world.

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“Der scharfe Maxx” is part of an exceptionally tasty family of cheeses that bring a whole new dimension to savoring cheese. You’ll love the other Maxx specialties that Studer cheesemakers makes just as much. Get ready for probably the smoothest family history since Swiss cheese began. Discover the distinctive character of the Maxx family cheeses and the typical personalities of each of its different members.

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